Focus – The Fourth Nuclear Security Summit
(February - March 2016)

Overview of the latest EU documents, publications of the Consortium and publications from the network regarding the fourth Nuclear Security Summit, Washington, 31 March -01 April, 2016.

“Further work is required to secure all nuclear material in all countries. This is a collective endeavour, which goes beyond the countries represented in this room. The European Union will continue to reach out and provide assistance. We will continue to encourage all states to adhere to international legal instruments. We will continue to promote, in all fora, the importance of nuclear security, including at the upcoming Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, where we should strive for a balanced approach between the Treaty's three pillars - disarmament, non-proliferation and peaceful uses of nuclear energy. It is in our shared interest to ensure that the best safety, security and non-proliferation standards are followed in all countries using nuclear energy.”

Statement by the President of the European Council, The Hague Nuclear Security Summit, 2014

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