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Editor: EU Non-proliferation Consortium
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Camille Grand
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Benjamin Hautecouverture
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Institute of International Relations Prague - IIR

The Institute of International Relations Prague - IIR, founded in 1957, is a public research institution founded by the charter of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. As the country’s leading think tank on matters of foreign and security policy, the IIR combines engagement in academic research and providing expert advice in areas ranging from transatlantic relations, disarmament and nonproliferation, EU internal and external policies, or East Asia to stakeholders in the Czech and European public sector. As a public institution whose aim is promoting awareness about key foreign policy agendas it reaches out to the public sector by means of organising ca. 60 public events a year, ranging from roundtables to major conferences. It is also an organiser of the annual Prague agenda conference hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The IIR is a member of a number of international networks and consortia, including EPIN, TEPSA and ECPR. It has recently launched a project Global Prohibition Regimes which brings together a team of ten Czech and international experts engaging in a comparative analysis of various CBRN and conventional weapons regimes.

The team

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