19 Sep 2022

The Goodreads Author Program

A trial that includes random project of teams rather than individuals to intervention and control teams. A randomized trial that prospectively assigns members to 2 or extra teams to receive totally different interventions. Participants and people administering the interventions are unaware of which intervention particular person participants are receiving. Ensure that the experimental procedures part doesn’t comprise any figuring out info.

Manuscripts that include figures, tables, multimedia, and/or prolonged data should embody legends as part of the main manuscript text. Each file must have a separate legend and be numbered independently. The textual content citations of figures, tables, multimedia, and prolonged data have to be in numerical order, partly to help in inserting the illustrations within the editors reader service correct position on the PDF web page.

Follow extra instructions for preparation and submission of Figures and Video. See additionally Previous Publication, Related Manuscripts and Reports, and Preprints. Do not embody an introduction by the physician as a “speaking head” explaining a process. All footage must be of the process or related subject matter solely.

These authors might be required to complete creator varieties ought to the manuscript attain provisional acceptance. Members of study groups who don’t qualify as authors shouldn’t be listed individually in the byline and won’t be required to complete types. It is the accountability of the authors of a manuscript to designate only 1 corresponding writer, determine writer order, and determine which individuals within the study are authors and which are contributors in accordance with the journals’ criteria. Please notice that the author list/author order must be finalized prior to first submission. Author addition, omission, or change in author order will require additional documentation, as detailed within the Changes in Authorship After Submission section.

The Neurology journals are mindful of protecting the privacy and civil rights of kids. Authors of studies that embrace kids will require parental consent and the kid should additionally agree if older than 7 years of age. The Neurology journals’ consent-to-disclose form makes a provision for this totally informed consent from minors. Editors must additionally adjust to these insurance policies and supply yearly disclosures which are publicly available on the web site. By accepting an assignment to review, reviewers verify that they do not have any related conflicts of curiosity related to the paper.

The standards used to determine the order during which authors are listed on the byline might range, and are to be decided collectively by the creator group and not by editors. Heliyon does not impose a limit on either the length of your article or on the number of figures and tables included. We strongly encourage you to current all information within the principle article and eliminate supplementary content whenever attainable.

Viewpoints should be well centered, scholarly, and clearly offered however mustn’t embrace the findings of new analysis or data that have not been previously revealed. For further guidance on making ready manuscripts reporting cluster trials, noninferiority and equivalence trials, and pragmatic trials, see Extensions of the CONSORT Statement. Any research project that prospectively assigns human participants to intervention or comparability teams to review the cause-and-effect relationship between an intervention and a health consequence. All medical trials must be registered at an applicable online public registry. Only these particulars essential for understanding and decoding a specific case report or case series should be provided. Patients’ initials or different private identifiers must not appear in a picture.

Do not embody captions as a half of the figure recordsdata themselves or submit them in a separate document. Do http://asu.edu not embody funding sources in the Acknowledgments or wherever else in the manuscript file. Funding data ought to solely be entered within the financial disclosure part of the submission system. Author names will be published precisely as they appear in the manuscript file. Please double-check the information carefully to ensure it’s right.

The number of individuals followed up for every time interval ought to be shown beneath the x-axis. To show the proportion or share of people (represented on the y-axis) remaining free of or experiencing a particular end result over time (represented on the x-axis). If the info plotted are a percentage or rate, error bars could additionally be used to indicate statistical variability.

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