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CEI-IUL (Portugal)

The Center for International Studies (CEI-IUL)  is a multidisciplinary research center at ISCTE-University Institute of Lisbon, a public university based in Lisbon, Portugal. Its core mission is to develop academic research, thinking and intervention in a range of complex social, political and economic phenomena that go beyond national and regional borders. Its commitment is to produce research of excellence addressing the most critical 21st Century international developments and societal challenges, as well as the consequences of globalisation. CEI-IUL is divided into three research groups – Institutions, Governance and International relations; Societal and Developmental challenges; Economy and Globalization – and its research focuses on four regional areas – Africa; Europe & Transatlantic Relations; Asia & the Middle East; Latin America & the Caribbean. CEI-IUL develops its research agenda and activities in close articulation with different graduate programs at ISCTE-IUL, combining interdisciplinary research with a broad public-oriented activity, promoting research dissemination and public awareness of science and engaging in public debates. Committed to a policy of open access for its research outputs, CEI-IUL is a member of some of the leading international research networks on International Studies and articulates many of its activities with civil society and public institutions.

Within research group Institutions, Governance and International relations two major research programs are covered. The first deals with international relations and global governance, where researchers study the architecture of global governance and international, regional, and global political institutions, as well as organisations. The goal is to go beyond the traditional perspective of international organisations as merely the sum of its members and their policies and to focus primarily on the relationships between domestic politics and foreign policies, decision-making processes and public policies in world affairs. Given the increasing role of non-state agents in world politics, our interest is not only in relations between countries but also in transnational non-governmental and civil society organisations and their influence on global, national, or local policy arenas. Particular attention is paid to changing regional power dynamics. The second research program focuses on the multidisciplinary study of the most relevant security challenges for the 21st century. It includes traditional threats to peace, such as interstate and regional armed conflicts; the perils of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons; and the proliferation of conventional weapons and technologies. Particular attention is given to the spread of new, cross-border, and transnational challenges to peace and security. Topics explored include the interplay between information technologies and security (namely cyber and drones), terrorism prevention, and also environmental security, climate change, food and water shortage.

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Centro de Estudos Internacionais – Instituto Universitário de Lisboa – CEI-IUL

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The team

Contacts Resume Speciality
Luís Bernardino
Luís Manuel Brás Bernardino, PhD, is Lieutenant-Colonel at the Portuguese infantry. Currently, Luís is involved in research at the Centro de Estudos Internacionais of ISCTE-IUL within the scope of a post-doctoral project dealing with the African Peace and Security Architecture, and the African sub-regional organizations. Luís participates on a regular basis in national and international seminars, and publishes articles in journals specialized on security and defence issues. In addition, he is currently teaching at the Academia Militar in Lisbon.
  • African Peace and Security Architecture
Ana Mónica Fonseca
Ana Mónica Fonseca is a Postdoctoral researcher at the Center for International Studies at the University Institute Lisbon (ISCTE-IUL) and a Guest Assistant Professor at the History Department also at ISCTE-IUL. Her main research areas are Southern Europe democratic transitions, Portuguese-German relations during Cold War, transatlantic relations, German History, democracy promotion and transnational history
  • Transatlantic relations
Manuel João Ramos
Associate Professor
Manuel João Ramos is Associate Professor with habilitation in Anthropology at ISCTE – University Institute of Lisbon. He publishes on on risk and conflict, mainly on the Horn of Africa.
  • Risk, conflict and security
Inês Marques Ribeiro
Inês Marques Ribeiro is a research assistant in CEI-IUL. She is a PhD student at ISCTE-IUL and her main research interest is  EU’s Common Security and Defense
  • CSDP
Luís Nuno Rodrigues
Director of CEI-IUL; Director of the Master in International Studies at ISCTE-IUL
Luís Nuno Rodrigues holds a PhD in American History from the University of Wisconsin and is an Associate Professor at the Department of History of ISCTE-IUL, where he coordinates the graduate program on History, Defense and International Relations and the Master in International Studies. Luís Nuno Rodrigues is the director of CEI-IUL and also the coordinator of the research group ‘Institutions, Governance and International Relations’ of the same research centre. He is the Editor of the Portuguese Journal of Social Sciences. His most recent book is a collective volume on worldwide perceptions of NATO, six decades after its creation.
  • Transatlantic relations
  • NATO
Filipe Romão Filipe Romão is invited assistant professor at ISCTE-IUL and associate researcher at CEI-IUL. Professor at the Department of International Relations, Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa. PhD in International Relations by the University of Coimbra
  • Peace Studies
  • EU-Latin America Relations
Aleksi Ylönen
Aleksi Ylönen is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for International Studies (CEI-IUL), University Institute of Lisbon. Previously he has been a postdoctoral researcher at University of Turku, Finland, and a visiting researcher at the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, Germany. His work concentrates on armed conflicts and security issues, particularly in Sudan and the greater Horn of Africa. Dr. Ylönen has lectured at a number of universities, and his work has been published in books, journals, magazines and newspapers in various languages.
  • Armed conflicts
  • Security
  • Extremism
  • Political violence