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IEU (Turkey)

      Izmir University of Economics (IEU) was established in 2001 by Izmir Chamber of Commerce, which continues to act as IEU’s legal, administrative and financial custodian. The campus is located on the western outskirts of Izmir – a city of four million on Turkey’s Mediterranean coastline. IEU offers a large variety of associate, undergraduate and graduate programs extending from social sciences and engineering to law and medical schools. The language of instruction is English.

IEU’s Graduate School was formed in 2019 and combines under its roof IEU’s multiple master’s and doctorate programs. It offers graduate degrees in twelve domains, one of which is the Political Science and International Relations (PSIR). Master and doctorate-level students are presented with a large selection of courses, including those scrutinizing armaments and arms trade, WMD, non-proliferation, nuclear deterrence, arms control, and the impact of emerging technologies. Several PSIR students choose to submit their graduate theses on the same. IEU students also benefit from the PSIR seminars and symposiums on security issues, several of which are held each year.

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Izmir University of Economics – Graduate School

İzmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi, Lisansüstü Eğitim Enstitüsü, Sakarya Caddesi No:156, 35330 Balçova, İzmir, Turkey.

 +90(232)488 8442

Point of Contact

Dr. Sitki Egeli


The team

Name, Surname, contact Resume Speciality/Research Focus
Dr. Sitki Egeli, sitki.egeli@ieu.edu.tr Military and security studies analyst; faculty member of Izmir University of Economics since 2015. From 1991 to 1999, he served in Turkey’s Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM) as Director for Foreign Relations, and TUSAŞ (Turkish Aircraft Industries Inc) as a board member. Between 2000-2015, he was a senior executive in an international consulting firm specializing in defense and aerospace industries. He holds degrees from the Bosphorus University (BA), the University of Chicago (MA), and Bilkent University (PhD). International security, weapons systems and technologies, WMD and delivery means, non-proliferation, arms transfers and export controls, air and missile defence, space security, emerging technologies, defence industries and policies, regional security (Black Sea, Eastern Mediterranean, Arctic).
Dr. M. Efe Biresselioğlu, efe.biresselioglu@ieu.edu.tr He is a Professor of Energy Policy in the Department of Political Science and International Relations, founding Dean of Graduate School, and Head of Sustainable Energy Division at Izmir University of Economics. He taught as Visiting Lecturer on Energy Security and Politics at Den Haag University, University of Aalborg, Budapest College of Management, University of Salerno, and University of Minho. He completed his PhD at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies, Lucca, Italy; his MA in European Studies at Jean Monnet Center of Excellence at University of Turku, Finland; and his BA in Political Science and Public Administration from Bilkent University, Turkey.


  • Energy security
  • Energy policy
  • Energy economics



Dr. Alexander Buergin, alexander.burgin@ieu.edu.tr Associate Professor and Head of the EU Research Center at the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Izmir University of Economics. He held a Jean-Monnet-Chair between 2015 and 2018. Previous assignments included team manager and chief editor at Ergo Communication (Berlin), political analyst for Turkish Industrialists’ and Business Association (in Berlin), and Research Scientist at Manheim Centre for European Social Research. Dr. Buergin received his PhD on Political Science from Manheim Centre for European Social Research, MA degree on EU Studies from Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, and Diploma on Political Sciences, Economics and Public Law from University of Heilderberg.
  • Political system of EU: power relations within and across the EU institutions
  • EU policies: migration/integration, environment/energy, social policy
  • External influence of the EU: enlargement policy and policy learning/socialization


Dr. Serhun Al, serhun.al@ieu.edu.tr


Assistant Professor at Izmir University of Economics since 2015. Holds BA degrees in Economics and International Relations from the Izmir University of Economics. He completed his MA in political science at Marshall University (USA) in 2009; received his PhD from University of Utah in 2015. Security studies, ethnicity, nationalism within comparative perspective.