Observatoire des armements

Founded in 1984 in Lyon as the Centre de documentation sur la paix et les conflits (CDRPC), the Observatoire des armements aims to support the work of civil society on defense and security issues in view of promoting a policy of transparency and democratic control over military activities in France and Europe.
The Observatoire des armements provides expertise and independent information through its reports, its website and its newsletter Damocles. It has become a key interlocutor —for NGOs, press and media, as well as policymakers— on issues of security and disarmament.

The Observatoire des armements focuses on two main areas:

                      • arms transfers and the arms industry,
                      • nuclear weapons and their consequences.

The Centre’s documentation consists of about 5,000 books, a large number of specialized journals and thematic files, as well as data archives of the peace movement.

Contact information

Observatoire des armements

187, montée de Choulans
F-69005 Lyon

Tel: 04 78 36 93 03
Fax: 04 78 36 36 83
Website: https://www.obsarm.org
Mail: secretariat@obsarm.org

The team

Contacts Resume Speciality
Patrice Bouveret
Director of Observatoire des armements
  • Arms trade
  • Small arms
  • Nuclear disarmament
  • Veterans
Dominique Lalanne
Expert on nuclear issues
  • Nuclear disarmament
  • Nuclear weapons