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oiip (Austria)

The Austrian Institute for International Affairs is an independent, non-profit research center. The oiip was the first Institute in Austria to focus on globalization, European integration, comprehensive security, and on the comparative study of international affairs. Established in 1978 by the then Chancellor Bruno Kreisky, the Institute has advised on public policy, conducted primary scientific research, supported the international academic exchange, and played a key role in hosting international conferences and as a venue for second track-diplomacy. Members of the Institute publish widely, are consulted by the government, and regularly feature in the national media. The Institute maintains a number of publications, and works closely with other national and international research institutions.

The oiip represents Austria in a number of international associations, and enjoys bilateral contacts with over three-dozen international research Institutes.

Contact information

Österreichisches Institut für Internationale Politik – oiip

Berggasse 7,
A-1090 Wien/Vienna

Tel: +43 1 581 11 06
Fax: +43 1 581 11 06-10

The team

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Mag. Hakan Akbulut
Research Fellow
Tel: +4315811106-18
Fax: +4315811106-10
Hakan Akbulut has been a fellow with the Austrian Institute for International Affairs (oiip) and a lecturer with the University of Vienna since 2009. Recently, he has also joined the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation as a Research Assistant. His main areas of research include Turkish foreign and security policy, nuclear (non)proliferation & disarmament and the Cyprus conflict. He is author to a book and a number of articles. His latest article titled “Regional Implications of a Nuclear Armed Iran – The Turkish Matrix” appeared in April 2011. Hakan Akbulut is a PhD candidate in Politics.
  • Turkish foreign and security policy
  • Nuclear (non)proliferation and disarmament
  • Cyprus conflict