Peace Research Center Prague – Charles University

PRCP (Czech Republic)

Peace Research Center Prague (PRCP) is a new interdisciplinary center of excellence established at the Charles University. The common analytical and normative focus of the interdisciplinary research team is on the prevention, management, and transformation of conflicts in world politics. The three priority research areas for the next five years are (1) Arms Control and Disarmament; (2) Frozen Conflicts; and (3) Power Shifts & World Order.

Contact information

Peace Research Center Prague – Charles University

Center for Security Policy
Faculty of Social Sciences
Charles University
Smetanovo nabrezi 6, Prague
Czech Republic

Tel: +420 723065858



Point of contact

Dr. Michal Smetana
+420 723065858

The team

Contacts Resume Speciality
Jan Ludvík
Research Fellow
Jan Ludvík is Assistant Professor at the Department of Security Studies and Research Associate at the Center for Security Policy, Charles University in Prague. He is the author of Nuclear Asymmetry and Deterrence: Theory, Policy and Historyand co-author of Indirect Coercion: Triangular Strategies and International Conflict.
  • Deterrence theory
  • Nuclear strategy
  • WMD proliferation
  • Strategic theory
  • Czech and U.S. security policy
Harald Müller
Research Supervisor
Prof. Dr. Harald Müller is a former Director of the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt (PRIF), a Professor of International Relations at Goethe University, and a Research Supervisor at the Peace Research Center Prague. A member of the German delegation to the last three NPT Review Conferences, he served on the Advisory Board on Disarmament Matters of the UN Secretary-General from 1999–2005. He has an outstanding publication record with respect to arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation, including books in Oxford University Press and University of Georgia Press, and articles in European Journal of International Relations or Review of International Studies.
  • NPT regime
  • Arms control, disarmament, and non-proliferation
  • World politics and global order
  • International norms and security
Michal Smetana
PRCP Coordinator & Research Fellow
Tel: +420 723065858
Dr. Michal Smetana is a Research Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Charles University, and a Coordinator of Peace Research Center Prague. He is the co-author of Global Nuclear Disarmament: Strategic, Political, and Regional Perspectives (Routledge) and Indirect Coercion: Triangular Strategies and International Conflict (Charles University Press). His articles appeared in International AffairsBulletin of the Atomic Scientists, The Nonproliferation Review and other journals.
  • NPT and the nuclear non-proliferation regime
  •  Nuclear arms control and disarmament
  •  U.S. nuclear posture
  •  Deterrence theory
  •  North Korean nuclear and missile program
Carmen Wunderlich
Research Fellow
Carmen Wunderlich is a post-doctoral Research Fellow at Peace Research Institute Frankfurt. Her recent publications include books in Springer and University of Georgia Press, and articles in International Politics or Contemporary Security Policy.
  • Theories of International Norms
  • Sweden (Foreign and Security Policy)
  • Arms control policy in Iran
  • The rogue state concept in US foreign policy