SaferGlobe (Finland)

SaferGlobe, Finland’s leading independent think tank on peace and security, produces high level research and tools to promote peace and security. SaferGlobe is cross-disciplinary and brings together experts from different fields to create new solutions. Annually, SaferGlobe creates around ten publications including the Finnish Arms Trade report, which gains large media attention. SaferGlobe’s mission is to create high quality, impactful, practically applicable and easily understandable information in peace and security based on research. SaferGlobe´s research prioritises primary sources and input from practitioners. SaferGlobe focuses on creating new ways of displaying information innovatively and uses mechanisms from data analysis to creation of databases.

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Siltasaarenkatu 4, 7 krs.
00530 Helsinki

The team

Contacts Resume Speciality
Johannes Lehtinen
Research Fellow
Tel: +358405739800
Johannes Lehtinen is a research fellow at the SaferGlobe peace and security think tank. He focuses on arms transfers of conventional weapons, arms export policies of EU member states and the role of parliaments in arms control. He is also PhD Researcher at the University of Tampere.
  • Control of conventional arms in the EU
  • Arms exports of EU member states
  • Parliamentary accountability of arms control in the EU
Maria Mekri
Executive Director
Tel: +358403263337
Maria Mekri is the Executive Director of SaferGlobe as well as the Conceptual Framework Manager of the H2020-funded IECEU-project (Improving the Effectiveness of Capabilities in EU Conflict Prevention). Her focus is on creating impact from research, standard setting, and the creation of technical tools and databases.
  • Arms exports
  • Crisis management
  • Conflict prevention
  • Missile Proliferation
  • Standard setting
Kari Paasonen
Tel: +358(0)40 813 8603
Kari Paasonen is a researcher and quantitative analyst at SaferGlobe. In 2015 and 2016 he was the editor-in-chief of the Finnish Arms Control Report published by SaferGlobe. He has a broad range of knowledge on issues of peace and security. Paasonen has contributed for several of SaferGlobe´s projects, including projects analysing the European Union’s Arms exports and the Arms Trade Treaty. Paasonen holds a Master of Science in geography from the University of Helsinki.
  • Quantitative analysis of arms control
  • Arms trade
  • Export controls
  • Conventional weapons
  • Causes of armed conflicts
  • Arab countries