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The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) is an independent international institute dedicated to research into conflict, armaments, arms control and disarmament. Established in 1966, SIPRI provides data, analysis and recommendations, based on open sources, to policymakers, researchers, media and the interested public. Located in Stockholm, Sweden, SIPRI offers a unique platform for researchers from different countries to work in close cooperation. The Institute also hosts guest researchers and interns who work on issues related to the SIPRI research programs. SIPRI maintains contacts with other research centers and individual researchers throughout the world. The Institute cooperates closely with several intergovernmental organizations and entities, including the United Nations, the European Union, the IAEA and the OPCW, and regularly provides support to parliamentary, scientific and government partners.

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The team

Contacts Resume Speciality
Dr Ian Anthony
Programme Director
Dr Ian Anthony (United Kingdom) is Director of SIPRI’s European Security Programme. He has published numerous books on issues related to arms control, disarmament and export control. Dr Ian Anthony is Director of SIPRI’s European Security Programme. He has published numerous books on issues related to arms control, disarmament and export control. His subject expertise includes arms control, disarmament, export control, nuclear security, non-proliferation and threat reduction.
  • Arms control
  • Disarmament
  • Export control
  • Nuclear security
  • Non-proliferation and threat reduction
Dr Sibylle Bauer
Director of Studies

Dr Sibylle Bauer (Germany) is SIPRI’s Director of Studies, Armament and Disarmament, with responsibility for SIPRI’s work on arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation; dual-use and arms trade control; emerging technologies; and the arms production, arms transfer and military expenditure databases.

She is also the Chair of the EU Non-proliferation and Disarmament Consortium. Dr Bauer has published widely on arms control, non-proliferation and export control issues, and has managed numerous export control capacity-building projects, in particular in legal and enforcement areas.

  • Export control
  • Non-proliferation
  • Nuclear proliferation
  • Transparency of Arms Transfers
Dr. Lucie Béraud-Sudreau
Programme Director
Dr Lucie Béraud-Sudreau (France) joined SIPRI in February 2020 as the Director of the Military Expenditure and Arms Production Programme. Her research interests focus on European and Asian arms trade, military spending and arms industry. Lucie was previously a Research Fellow for Defence Economics and Procurements at the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) and an analyst at the French ministry of Armed Forces.
  • Arms Transfers
  • Arms Industry
  • Military Expenditure
Dr. Marta Bo
Associate Senior Researcher

Dr Marta Bo is an Associate Senior Researcher within SIPRI’s Armament and Disarmament research area. Marta is also researcher at the University of Amsterdam-Asser Institute in The Hague. In July 2022, she completed a 4-year post-doc at the Graduate Institute Geneva (LAWS and War Crimes Project). Her research focuses on state and criminal responsibility for unlawful conducts in the use and developments of autonomous weapon systems; war crimes; AI and criminal responsibility; automation biases and mens rea; disarmament and criminalisation.

Marta leads, designs and implements capacity-building training projects for judiciaries in international and transnational criminal law, international humanitarian law, and human rights law. She has published on international and transnational criminal law (especially, piracy and migrant smuggling), theInternational Criminal Court, complementarity, law of the sea and human rights, artificial intelligence and criminal responsibility, autonomous weapons, self-driving cars, state responsibility.

Marta is member of the Steering Committee of the Antonio Cassese Initiative for Justice, Peace and Humanity and editor of the international criminal law section of the Leiden Journal of International Law.

  • Public international law
  • International criminal law and procedure
  • International humanitarian law
  • Transnational criminal law
  • Law of the sea
  • Maritime security
  • Human rights
  • Autonomous weapons
Dr. Vincent Boulanin
Senior Researcher

Dr Vincent Boulanin (France) is a Senior Researcher at SIPRI. He joined SIPRI in 2014, where he works on issues related to the production, use and control of emerging technologies, notably artificial intelligence, autonomous weapon systems and cyber-security technologies.

He received his PhD in Political Science from École des Hautes en Sciences Sociales in Paris in October 2014. His dissertation looked at the diversification of the European arms industry into the security realm. His other research interests include the impact of military and security technologies on the practice of security and military professionals and the social construction of threats and risks.

  • Governance and controls on emerging technologies
  • Autonomous weapons systems;
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics;
  • Arms production;
  • Defence industry;
  • Cybersecurity and surveillance technologies;
  • Conventional arms control
  • Responsible innovation
  • Securitization theory and risk governance;
  • International political sociology
Kolja Brockmann 
Senior Researcher

Kolja Brockmann (Germany) is a Researcher in SIPRI’s Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme. He first joined SIPRI as an EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium Intern and has been working at SIPRI since 2017. Kolja conducts research in the fields of export control, non-proliferation and technology governance. He focuses on controls on emerging technologies, in particular Additive Manufacturing (3D-Printing), and intangible transfers of technology (ITT). He works on export control compliance in industry, research and academia.

In addition, Kolja contributes to the mapping of cooperation and assistance activities relevant to the implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in SIPRI’s Arms Trade Treaty database.

  • Export control
  • Non-proliferation
  • Governance and controls on emerging technologies (additive manufacturing)
  • Arms Trade Treaty
Mark Bromley
Programme Director

Mark Bromley (United Kingdom) is the Director of the SIPRI Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme. His areas of research include international, regional and national standards in dual-use and arms export controlsand efforts to combat the illicit trafficking of small arms and light weapons (SALW).

Further expertise includes the transparency of international arms transfers; the financial value of the global arms trade; the arms export policies of EU member states; EU engagement in arms export policies; the Arms Trade Treaty; and controls on the trade in cyber-surveillance systems.

  • Arms trade Treaty
  • Controls on the trade in cyber-surveillance systems
  • Export Control
  • Non-Proliferation
  • Transparency of Arms Transfers
Laura Bruun

Laura Bruun is a Research Assistant working on emerging military and security technologies. Her focus is on how emerging military technology, notably autonomous weapon systems, affects compliance with – and interpretation of – International Humanitarian Law. She has a background in both Middle Eastern Studies and International Security and Law and wrote her thesis on remote warfare’s implications for protection of civilians by analysing the US’ targeting cycle in its aerial campaign against ISIS.

Before joining SIPRI, Laura worked with Airwars in London, where she monitored and assessed civilian casualty reports from US and Russian airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. Laura has previously lived in both Egypt and Jordan, working with human rights issues in the MENA-region.

  • Autonomous weapons systems
  • Remote and precision-guided warfare
  • International Humanitarian Law and emerging technologies
  • Protection of civilians
  • Modern conflicts in the Middle East
Dr Tytti Erästö
Senior Researcher

Dr Tytti Erästö (Finland) is a Senior Researcher in the SIPRI Nuclear Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme. Her recent and current research focuses on the Iran nuclear deal, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, the U.S./NATO-Russia dispute over missile defence, international efforts at establishing a WMD free zone in the Middle East, as well as other issues related to nuclear arms control.

Previously she has worked at the Ploughshares Fund in Washington D.C., Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, the Vienna Center for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, and the Tampere Peace Research Institute in Finland.

  • Iran nuclear deal,
  • Non-Proliferation Treaty
  • Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Missile defense
Vitaly Fedchenko 
Senior Researcher

Vitaly Fedchenko (Russia) is a Senior Researcher with the SIPRI European Security Programme, responsible for nuclear security issues and the political, technological and educational dimensions of nuclear arms control and non-proliferation. Previously he was a visiting researcher at SIPRI and worked at the Center for Policy Studies in Russia at the Institute for Applied International Research in Moscow.

He is the author or co-author of several publications on international non-proliferation and disarmament assistance, the international nuclear fuel cycle and Russian nuclear exports.

  • Strategic Forces Technology
  • Nuclear Energy, Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Nuclear Materials and Fuel, Uranium and Plutonium, Nuclear Warheads
  • Nuclear Forensics and Verification
Justine Gadon
Research Assistant

Justine Gadon (France) is a Research Assistant with the Arms Transfers Programme. She collects and analyses data on the arms industry to support SIPRI publications and externally funded projects.

Prior to joining SIPRI, Justine worked at MBDA as an Offset Contract Officer. She also interned at the French Embassy in Angola, where she prepared a background report on military cooperation between Russia and Angola. She holds a Master’s degree in international relations from Sorbonne University.

  • Arms transfers
  • Offset
  • Industrial partnerships
Lauriane Héau
Research Assistant

Lauriane Héau (France) is a Research Assistant in the Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme. She currently undertakes research on projects focusing on dual-use export controls in the Middle East, risks of diversion and misuse following arms exports, as well as post-shipment controls. As part of her work, Lauriane also follows cooperation and assistance activities on the ATT and other SALW control instruments.

Prior to joining SIPRI, Lauriane worked on the implementation of EU-funded projects on non-proliferation, disarmament and European security at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS). In this capacity she worked for the EU Non-Proliferation and Disarmament Consortium, on a project on the Hague Code of Conduct (HCoC) and Ballistic Missile Proliferation, as well as on several Horizon 2020 projects. Previously, Lauriane also worked as a Research Assistant at Clingendael, and as a Research Intern on SALW transfers and controls at GRIP.

  • Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) controls
  • Dual-use and arms export controls
Noel Kelly
Programme Coordinator
Noel Kelly (Ireland) is the Programme Coordinator for programmes and projects within the Armament and Disarmament research area of SIPRI. These include the Arms Transfers and Military Expenditure Programme; the Nuclear Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Programme; the Dual-use and Arms Trade Control Programme; and the Emerging military and Security Technologies project. Noel provides strategic planning and project support to researchers and manages day-to-day administration.
  • Programme Coordiation
  • Project and process managment
  • Event planning
Shannon N. Kile
Senior Researcher
Shannon N.Kile (USA) is Senior Researcher and Head of the Nuclear Weapons Project of the SIPRI Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme. He is also leader on the project on Iran and multilateral security cooperation in south west Asia and coordinator of SIPRI project activities with DPR Korea.
  • Multilateral Nuclear Arms Control, Non-Proliferation and Disarmament
  • Strategic Nuclear Arms Reductions
  • Global Nuclear Forces and Doctrines
  • Missile Proliferation
  • Ballistic Missile Defence
Alexandra Kuimova
Alexandra Kuimova is a Research Assistant with the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme. Her areas of research include the monitoring of arms transfers, military spending and arms industry, foreign and defence policies, with particular focus on the Middle East and North Africa, Russia and Eastern Europe.
  • Defence policies,
  • arms transfers,
  • arms procurement and military expenditure in the MENA region and  Post-Soviet states.
Dustin Lewis
Associate Senior Researcher

Dustin Lewis (USA) is an Associate Senior Researcher in SIPRI’s Armament and Disarmament programme. Dustin is the Research Director for the Harvard Law School Program on International Law and Armed Conflict (HLS PILAC). With a focus on public international law sources and methods, he leads research into several wide-ranging contemporary challenges related to securing peace, protecting civilians, regulating hostilities, safeguarding the environment, and ending armed conflicts. Dustin has served as a principal organizer for a series of senior workshops — on detention at Guantánamo Bay, military activities in outer space, artificial intelligence in war, partnered warfare, and urban sieges — co-convened by HLS PILAC, the International Committee of the Red Cross Washington Delegation, and military institutions.

Dustin regularly briefs governments, U.N. system actors, scholars, members of the media, and non-governmental organizations. In addition to conducting peer review for academic and policy publishers, he also takes part in select expert initiatives. Dustin’s previous positions have included serving as a Visiting Professional in chambers at the International Criminal Court, as a project manager and technical lead at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, and as a program associate at the Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (HPCR).

  • law
  • International criminal law
  • Jus ad bellum
  • Terrorism and counter-terrorism
  • Humanitarian action
  • Autonomous weapon systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • N. Security Council
Xiao Liang
Research Assistant
Xiao Liang (China) is a Research Assistant with the SIPRI Military Expenditure and Arms Production Programme. He collects and analyses data on military spending and the arms industry. His research areas cover the opportunity costs of military spending and regional trends in the Asia Pacific. He received dual master’s degree from Columbia University and Sciences Po Paris.
  • Military spending
  • Arms industry
  • Development assistance
Dr. Diego Lopes da Silva
Senior Researcher
Dr Diego Lopes da Silva is a Researcher with the SIPRI Arms and Military Expenditure Programme. He holds a PhD in Peace, Defense and International Security Studies from the São Paulo State University, Brazil. His current research concerns the interplay between institutions, political transitions and military spending. He has also published on the arms trade and arms production.
  • Military expenditure
  • Arms trade
  • Arms production
  • Civil-military relations in South America
Giovanna Maletta 
Senior Researcher

Giovanna Maletta (Italy) is a Researcher in the Dual-Use and Arms Trade Control Programme at SIPRI. Her research interests include issues related to arms transfers and SALW controls; export controls; EU non-proliferation and disarmament policies and EU engagement with arms export policies. Giovanna’s work also involves mapping cooperation and assistance activities in the field of arms transfer and SALW controls and relevant to the implementation of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and the UN Programme of Action on SALW (UNPOA).

Additionally, Giovanna acts as a Project Coordinator for activities related to SIPRI’s participation in the EU Non-proliferation and Disarmament Consortium. Prior to joining SIPRI, Giovanna worked as a Blue Book Trainee in the Disarmament, Non-proliferation and Arms Export Control Division of the European External Action Service (EEAS) and as an Intern in the International Cooperation Branch of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

  • Arms Trade Treaty:
  • Arms transfers/SALW controls;
  • EU arms exports controls;
  • EU Non-proliferation and disarmament policies;
  • Export controls;
Dr. Piotr Topychkanov
Associate Senior Researcher

Dr Petr Topychkanov (Russia) is a Senior Researcher in the SIPRI Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-proliferation Programme. Petr works on issues related to the nuclear nonproliferation, disarmament, arms control, and impact of new technologies on the strategic stability. From 2006 to 2017 Petr Topychkanov was a fellow at the Carnegie Moscow Center’s Nonproliferation Program.

Prior to joining SIPRI in 2018, Petr held the position of senior researcher at the Center for International Security at the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He has been an expert at the Russian International Affairs Council since 2014.

  • Nonproliferation;
  • Arms control;
  • Disarmament;
  • Defense industry;
  • Military technological cooperation;
  • Peaceful nuclear cooperation.
Nivedita Raju

Nivedita Raju (India) is a Researcher with the SIPRI Weapons of Mass Destruction Programme. She conducts research on space security and gender issues. Additionally, she coordinates research activities for SIPRI’s participation in the EU Non-proliferation and Disarmament Consortium (EUNPDC), including the EUNPDC Policy Paper series.

Nivedita was previously a Research Fellow at Open Lunar Foundation, and a Research Assistant on various projects at McGill University, including the Manual on International Law Applicable to Military Uses of Outer Space (MILAMOS).

  • Space law and policy
  • Space security
  • Public international law
Lorenzo Scarazzato
Research Assistant

Lorenzo Scarazzato (Italy) is a Research Assistant with the SIPRI Military Expenditure and Arms Production Programme. His research is mostly focused on the European arms industry. He collects and analyses data to support SIPRI publications and externally funded projects. Prior to joining SIPRI, he participated in the first NATO Policy Hackathon as a representative of his university. He also interned with the Industrial Cooperation division of the Ministry of Defence in Prague and collaborated with Czech and Italian think tanks.

  • Artificial intelligence;
  • International security
  • Arms Production
Dr. Lora Saalman
Senior Researcher

Dr Lora Saalman (USA) is a Senior Researcher within SIPRI’s Armament and Disarmament and Conflict, Peace and Security research areas. She also serves as a Member of the Committee on International Security and Arms Control (CISAC) and as an Adjunct Senior Fellow at the East-West Center (EWC). Her research focuses on China’s cyber, nuclear and advanced conventional weapon developments in relation to India, Russia and the United States.

Formerly she served as vice president of the Asia-Pacific Program at the EastWest Institute and as director of the China and Global Security Programme at SIPRI. She has also worked at the Daniel K. Inouye Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies, Carnegie-Tsinghua Center for Global Policy, Tsinghua University, Wisconsin Project on Nuclear Arms Control, Observer Research Foundation, and Center for Nonproliferation Studies from which she earned a one-year fellowship at the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Dr Saalman was among the first batch of recipients of the Stanton Nuclear Security Fellowship. She earned her bachelor’s degree with honors from the University of Chicago, her master’s degree with a certificate in nonproliferation from the Monterey Institute of International Studies and her Ph.D. with an outstanding graduate student award and dissertation award from Tsinghua University, where she was the first American to earn a doctorate from its Department of International Relations, completing all of her coursework in Chinese.

  • Arms control;
  • Non-proliferation;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Nuclear strategy;
  • Advanced conventional weapons;
  • Technology development;
Dr. Nan Tian
Senior Researcher
Dr. Nan Tian (South Africa) is a Senior Researcher with the SIPRI Arms Transfers and Military Expenditure Programme, where he is responsible for monitoring and managing the SIPRI Military Expenditure Database. His research interests focus on the causes and impact of military expenditure and civil war. His doctoral thesis is titled ‘Military Spending, Conflict and Development’ and explores the relationship between military spending, civil conflict and economic development. He previously worked at the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) as an economist on climate change and was a lecturer at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Military expenditure,
  • Civil war
  • Economic growth
  • Climate change
Dr. Wilfred Wan
Programme Director
Dr. Wilfred Wan (USA) joined SIPRI in 2022 as the Director of SIPRI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Programme. His recent research focuses on nuclear weapon risk reduction, nuclear disarmament verification, and other issues related to arms control and disarmament. Previously he has worked at the United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research (Geneva, Switzerland).
  • Nuclear risk reduction
  • Nuclear disarmament verification
  • Arms control
Peter D. Wezeman
Senior Researcher
Pieter D. Wezeman (Netherlands) is a Senior Researcher with the SIPRI Arms Transfers and Military Expenditure Programme. His area of research is the global production and proliferation of conventional arms with a special focus on military expenditure and arms procurement in and arms transfers to the Middle East and Africa. He also monitors multilateral arms embargoes and maintains the SIPRI database on that issue.
  • Arms flows to and arms procurement and military expenditure in Africa and the Middle East;
  • German arms exports;
  • Global developments in arms transfers; proliferation of missiles and other long range strike systems;
  • Arms embargoes;
  • Small arms and light weapons
Siemon T. Wezeman
Senior Researcher
Siemon Wezeman (Netherlands) is a Senior Researcher with the SIPRI Arms Transfers and Military Expenditure Programme. His areas of research include the monitoring of arms transfers, military expenditure and the arms industry, with particular focus on the Asia–Pacific region and the former Soviet Union, and the use of weapons in conflicts. He also researches military technology and transparency in arms transfers and military expenditure. Since 1992 he has worked at SIPRI.
  • Arms transfers;
  • Military expenditure
  • Arms industry
  • Transparency in arms transfers and military expenditure;
  • Military technology;
  • Use of arms in conflicts;
  • Defence policies; methodology