A Tribute to Michael Elleman

21 February 2021

Michael Elleman during a HCoC outreach event, Vienna, 2016, Credit @UNODA at Vienna

The HCoC Project Team wishes to pay tribute to Michael Elleman, who passed away on February 20th 2021, and extend their condolences to his family.

Mr Michael Elleman recurrently intervened within the framework of the HCoC Project’s seminars and missions in order to promote the Hague Code of Conduct in multilateral fora, and readily provided support to research projects conducted in that regard. 

Michael Elleman was a specialist in missile technology proliferation highly regarded for his expertise on the North Korean and Iranian missile programmes. His contributions and work were essential to better comprehend the dynamics of missile proliferation. As such, he played an important role in explaining the stakes underlying the Hague Code of Conduct.

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