Project activities

Outreach activities

Regional and/or sub-regional seminars and expert missions are designed to:

(i) increase awareness about the risks and challenges of ballistic missile proliferation;

(ii) provide a platform for relevant experts to exchange informally (‘Chatham House rules’) on strategic issues and thereby help building confidence among States; and

(iii) promote the Union objectives of universality, full implementation and enhancement of the Code.

FRS organises a series of regional and/or sub-regional events, including in Latin America and the Caribbean, in the Middle East/Africa and in South-East Asia, as well as country-specific expert missions to non-subscribing States. All such events are carried out in close collaboration with the authorities of the respective host governments and, as appropriate, other relevant academia.

Side-events in the margins of the Code Annual Regular Meeting in Vienna, to address various aspects of the Code with subscribing and non-subscribing states.

Side-events in the margins of the session of the UN General Assembly’s First Committee in New York. Such side-events are designed to help deepen the relationship between the Code and the UN, in conformity with Resolution 71/33, adopted by the UN General Assembly on 5 December 2016.

A visit to a space launching site by an international group of experts and diplomats, in accordance with the third indent of subpoint ii) of point (a) of Article 4 of the Code; and in close collaboration with the relevant authorities.

Participation at the UNIDIR annual conference on space security and the transfer of an annual grant allocated by the Union in order to help finance the conferences and thereby to assist the overarching goal of support to the Code

Research papers

A series of research papers on issues related to the Code, including one or more research papers on the relationship between the Code and other relevant multilateral instruments, such as the MTCR and the UNSCR 1540 (2004). To that end, FRS solicits contributions from all research institutes that are part of or associated with the EU NPD Consortium.

A series of Issue Briefs, which focus on thematic or geographical aspects of the Code and aim to provide event participants, as well as a broader international audience, with key information on the HCoC. 

A major study using satellite imagery, which addresses ballistic proliferation and missile capabilities and provides technical expertise.

Communication and information

Creation and distribution of a leaflet and welcome package on the HCoC

Creation and maintenance of a database on ballistic missiles and space launchers

Update and maintenance of a website on the FRS project on the Code

These activities have the double objective of enhancing the visibility of the Code and the Union’s contribution to it.