Ballistic Missile Non-proliferation Youth Group

Ballistic Missile Non-Proliferation Youth Group

International efforts to curb the proliferation of missiles are epitomised in international instruments such as the Hague Code of Conduct (HCoC), or export control groups such as the MTCR. UN Resolutions such as the 1540 Resolution also refer to the need to curb the dissemination of WMD means of delivery. However, at the international level, delivery vehicles proliferation may be given less attention than the question of WMDs per se. However, proliferation of missiles is a key concern today, with states developing programmes despite of sanctions or pursuing transfers prohibited by international law. In this context, it is important to develop global expertise about missile non-proliferation issues and targeted knowledge about the HCoC to ensure that:

  • Adequate awareness is raised about the risks posed by missile proliferation around the world
  • Relevant information is shared about existing mechanisms that aim at curbing missile proliferation, in particular the Hague Code of Conduct
  • More stakeholders can contribute to global thinking about how to address the issues created by missile proliferation
  • More diverse voices can raise their specific concerns linked to the proliferation of missiles and be provided the opportunity to share views and exchange on these concerns
  • The new generation of experts on these subjects can meet and create informal links that can be valorised in their future career

In this context, FRS created a Youth Group to develop expertise on missile-related issues and raise knowledge about the Code by ensuring that representatives from the younger generation involved in disarmament and non-proliferation issues worldwide are familiar with the specificities of missile dissemination.

Seventeen fellows have been selected and will take part in a programme of activities running from June 2023 to June 2025. This programme will include two main workshops in Paris and in Vienna.

Fellows are invited to contribute through the preparation of a report that will be published online at the end of the programme. This paper will be prepared in small groups focused on a special topic linked to missile proliferation. Informal exchanges and virtual activities will be strongly encouraged.

The Youth Group was officially launched on 28 June 2028.


At the heart of the Foundation for Strategic Research’s initiative to cultivate informed expertise on missile-related issues as part of it EU-funded project in support of the Hague Code of Conduct, four advisors have been appointed to oversee the production of an innovative report crafted by a selected group of 17 young fellows.

These four distinguished mentors have the task of guiding the seventeen selected young fellows. By imparting their wisdom and invaluable experience, the Advisors will ensure that the younger generation involved in disarmament and non-proliferation issues worldwide fully grasp the intricacies surrounding missile dissemination and the accompanying Hague Code of Conduct.

Meet our Fellows

Javed Alam​

Hideo Asano​

Peter Ahabwe Babigumira ​

James Brady​

Sarah Erickson​

Marc Grau Moragues​

Zuzanna Gwadera​

Tom Hickey

Diana Kuznetsova​

Doniyor Mutalov​

Mariana Olvera Colin​

Rebecca Pantani​

Juliana Posada​

Eva-Nour Repussard

Sascha Raphael Stehrenberger​

Elisabeth I-Mi Suh

Ian Fleming Zhou​

Meet our Advisors

Kolja Brockmann
Senior Researcher (non-resident) | SIPRI
About Kolja
Vann Van Diepen
Former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation (ISN), State Department, United States, 2009-2017.
About Vann
Laura Grego
Senior Scientist and Research Director | Union of Concerned Scientists
About Laura
Timothy Wright
Research Associate for Defence and Military Analysis | IISS, Berlin
About Timothy
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