A Tribute to Professor Dennis Gormley

19 October 2020


Prof. Gormley at the Amman Regional Seminar on the Hague Code of Conduct, September 2016

The HCoC Project Team wishes to pay tribute to Dennis M. Gormley, who passed away on 19 October 2020, and extend their condolences to his family.

Dennis M. Gormley recurrently intervened within the framework of the HCoC Project’s seminars and missions in order to promote the Hague Code of Conduct in multilateral fora, and readily provided support to research projects conducted in that regard. 

A specialist in missile technology proliferation highly regarded for his work, Dennis M. Gormley was also a precursor in emphasizing the threat of cruise missile proliferation and underlying loopholes in international non-proliferation instruments. He was a relentless advocate of improving international non-proliferation standards. We will remember him as an insightful expert as well as a diligent person.

You can read Prof. Gormley’s take on the Hague Code of Conduct on the following link.