The 10th Anniversary of the HCoC

Observatoire de la non-prolifération

Bulletin n°74

En 2013, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the HCoC, the Center for Studies in International Security and Arms Control published a special issue of the Bulletin de l’Observatoire de la non-proliferation.




  • Le code de conduite de La Haye : 10 ans de lutte contre la prolifération balistique, Camille Grand (directeur de la FRS)
  • Genèse du HCoC, Bruno Gruselle
  • HCoC et la prolifération balistique, Erik Marzolf
  • An interview with Ambassador CHO Hyun (Republic of Korea, 2012-13 HCoC Chair)
  • Legal features of the Hague Code of Conduct, Natalino Ronzitti
  • La problématique des lanceurs légers, Xavier Pasco & Stéphane Delory
  • HCoC et MTCR, Jérémie Hammedi
Research Papers

The Hague Code of Conduct and Space

This paper considers the dual approach of the Code by analysing the similarities between launchers and ballistic missiles in light of new technical developments, and assessing the risk of missile technology proliferation. It also assesses the new trends and developments in the space sector that may have an impact on the ability of the HCoC to remain relevant in its efforts to curb the proliferation of ballistic launchers.

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Other publications

Missile Control?

This issue of Disarmament Forum assesses the current situation concerning missiles and investigates future prospects for control. Existing devices, such as the Missile Technology Control Regime and the Hague Code of Conduct (HCOC), UN Security Council resolution 1540 and the Proliferation Security Initiative, are all attempts at ameliorating some aspects of missile-related problems, as are the various bilateral confidence-building measures already in operation.

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