Side event on HCoC in the margins of the UNGA 1st Committee

16 October 2014

On 16 October 2014, the FRS organised a side event on behalf of the European Union in support of the Hague Code of Conduct against Ballistic Missile Proliferation (HCoC) in the margins of the UNGA First Committee in New York.

The event took the form of a dinner comprising speeches from the Permanent Representative of the EU to the United Nations Office in New York, the Head of Global Disarmament, Conventional Arms, Space (EEAS), the Secretary General of the Foundation for Strategic Research, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Peru to the United Nations Office in New York, HCoC Chair, followed by a general discussion.



  • Amb. Thomas MAYR-HARTING, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to the UN



  • Adebayo BABAJIDE, Head of Sector, Global Disarmament, Conventional Arms, Space, European External Action Service
  • Alexandre HOUDAYER, Secretary General, Fondation pour la Recherche Stratégique



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Opening HCoC to cruise missiles: A proposal to overcome political hurdles

The issue of extending the scope of the Hague Code of Conduct to cruise missiles is regularly raised in academic and political discussions about the Code. Some non-subscribing States justify their refusal to join the instrument because of this exclusion, perceived as a major flaw. Indeed, cruise missiles have characteristics that can make them very effective in carrying weapons of mass destruction. It is therefore clearly of interest to consider extending the HCoC scope to these weapons.

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Missile Control?

This issue of Disarmament Forum assesses the current situation concerning missiles and investigates future prospects for control. Existing devices, such as the Missile Technology Control Regime and the Hague Code of Conduct (HCOC), UN Security Council resolution 1540 and the Proliferation Security Initiative, are all attempts at ameliorating some aspects of missile-related problems, as are the various bilateral confidence-building measures already in operation.

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Le missile balistique : aviation stratégique du pauvre ?

Regardless of the risks associated with proliferating states, however, the pronounced diffusion of deep strike capabilities linked to rockets and SRBMs poses a fundamental problem, creating vulnerabilities in the face of Western forces which have less and less infrastructure. and whose forces are articulated around now limited volumes.

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