HCoC Asia outreach seminar 2013

On 27 November 2013, the FRS organised, on behalf of the European Union, a regional outreach seminar to raise awareness of ballistic missile proliferation and encourage discussions on perspectives to better address the ballistic missile proliferation threat at a regional level. This event was held at the Park Royal Hotel in Singapore. See all event pictures

Welcoming remarks

Dr Jean-François Daguzan, Deputy Director, Foundation for Strategic Research
H.E. Dr Michael Pulch, Head of Delegation, Delegation of the E.U. to Singapore
Mr Richard Bitzinger, Senior Fellow, S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies

Round Table 1: Assessing the current and future technological trends in ballistic-missile proliferation in Asia

Ms Asra Hassan, Research Fellow, South Asian Strategic Stability Institute
Dr Xavier Pasco, Senior Research Fellow, Foundation for Strategic Research

  • Developments in ballistic-missile technology
  • The relationship between space-launch and ballistic-missile technologies

Round Table 2: Regional Proliferation Issues

Mr Animesh Roul, Executive Director, Society for the Study of Peace and Conflict
Dr Kim Kyoung Soo, Professor, Myongji University

  • The current regional state of play in the ballistic-missile field
  • Issues and challenges arising from this context

Round Table 3: The Hague Code of Conduct against the Proliferation of Ballistic Missiles (HCoC): universality and visibility

Mr Zentaro Naganuma, Director for Export Control Cooperation, Disarmament, Non-Proliferation and Science Department, Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Dr Kazuto Suzuki, Professor of International Political Economy, School of Public Policy, Hokkaido University

  • Presentation by current HCoC Chair of progress and challenges relating to universality and visibility
  • The role of the Code in regional dynamics

Round Table 4: Successfully implementing the Hague Code of Conduct

Mr Jérémie Hammedi, Missile and Space Issues Expert, European External Action Service (EEAS)
Dr Rajeswari Rajagopalan, Senior Fellow, Observer Research Foundation

  • The EU Strategy to combat the proliferation of WMD delivery systems
  • Discussion of the Lahore Agreement and how such a measure might be adapted/brought into line with HCoC
  • Possible means of improving and developing the Code

Concluding Remarks

Dr Xavier Pasco, Senior Research Fellow, Foundation for Strategic Research