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Founded in 2000 and based in Paris, Institut Montaigne is an independent and leading think tank dedicated to public policy in France and Europe. Its work is the result of a rigorous, critical and open method of analysis based on international comparisons. This pioneering non-profit think tank brings together business leaders, senior civil servants, academics, civil society and personalities from a wide range of backgrounds. Through its various actions – proposals, evaluations of public policies, citizen participations and experimentations – Institut Montaigne aims to fully play a key role in the democratic debate, by regularly publishing reports and policy papers and organizing events with high-level speakers.

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Mathieu Duchâtel

Director of the Asia Program

Director of the Asia Program, Institut Montaigne (2019-Present)

Senior Policy Fellow and Deputy director of the Asia and China Program, European Council on Foreign Relations (2015-2018)

Senior Researcher and the Representative in Beijing, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (2011-2015)

Research Fellow, Asia Centre in Paris (2007-2011)

Associate Researcher based in Taipei, Asia Centre (2004-2007)

Mathieu Duchâtel, writes on the Korean peninsula and China’s foreign and security policy. He has published on North Korea’s nuclear doctrine debates, China-North Korea relations, China’s export control system, technology transfers in EU-China relations.
Michel Duclos

Senior adviser for geopolitics

Senior adviser for geopolitics, Institut Montaigne (Present)

French Ambassador to Switzerland (2012 -2014)

French Ambassador to Syria (2006-2009)

Deputy Permanent Representative of France to the United Nations (2002-2006)

French Ambassador to the Political and Security Committee in Brussels (2000-2002)

Deputy Director of the Centre for Analysis, Planning and Strategy, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1987-1987)

Michel Duclos leads the Institute’s work on the Middle East and in particular our activities with Iran (track 2) and our publications on the Syrian war.
Francois Godement

Senior Advisor for Asia


Senior Advisor for Asia, Institut Montaigne (2019-Present)

Director of the Asia and China Program, European Council on Foreign Relations (2008-2018)

President, Asia Centre in Paris (2005-2009)

François Godement is a historian specialized on China and East Asia, who has published extensively on EU-China relations, the politics of the Korean peninsula, the North Korean nuclear program and security issues in Asia.
Théophile Lenoir Théophile Lenoir, Institut Montaigne (2017-Present) Théophile Lenoir leads the activities of Institut Montaigne on cyber security and the digital transformation of Europe (5G, artificial intelligence).