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Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK)

The Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK) founded in 1982 is dedicated to the analysis of security policy challenges. Accordingly, the ISPK has set itself the task of contributing to the security policy discourse in Germany with policy- and practice-oriented, interdisciplinary research. The ISPK’s basic research focus lies on strategic issues in international relations in general and in German foreign and security policy in particular. In addition, specialized research departments (Maritime Strategy and Security, Asia-Pacific Strategy and Security, Conflict Analysis and Crisis Management, as well as Terrorism and Radicalization Studies) deal with selected topics that are among the most important challenges of international security policy today.

Contact information

Institut für Sicherheitspolitik an der Universität Kiel – ISPK

Holstenbrücke 8-10

24103 Kiel, Germany

Tel: +49-431-8802171

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Point of contact

Stefan Hansen
Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University
Düsternbrooker Weg 77a


Kira Frankenthal
Assistant to the Managing Director

The team

Contacts Resume Speciality
Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause
Academic Director

Tel: +49-431-8802171
Fax: +49-431-8802483

Prof. Dr. Joachim Krause is Academic Director at the ISPK and was Professor of Political Science at the University of Kiel from 2001 to 2016. He is founder of the German “Jahrbuch Terrorismus” (Yearbook on Terrorism) and Managing Editor of “SIRIUS – Zeitschrift für Strategische Analysen” (Journal for Strategic Analysis).
  • International politics and security
  • German foreign policy
  • European foreign policy
  • Terrorism studies
  • International relations theory
  • Transatlantic relations
Dr. Stefan Hansen

Managing Director
Tel: +49-431-8802697
Fax: +49-431-8802483

Dr. Stefan Hansen is Managing Director at the ISPK. He holds a PhD and a M.A. in Political Science from the University of Kiel. His research focuses on German foreign, security and defense policy, terrorism studies, strategy research and maritime security. Furthermore, he is an expert on the foreign and security policy of the Republic of Armenia.
  • German foreign, domestic, and defense policy
  • Terrorism studies
  • Strategy research
  • Maritime Security

Kira Frankenthal,

Assistant to the Managing Director

Kira Frankenthal, M.A./M.Sc., is a research associate at the ISPK in the field of terrorism and radicalization studies. Her research focuses on the statistical analysis of terrorist attacks, as well as the identification of indicators of radicalization in social media. Additionally, she focuses on the external and internal security policy of the European Union.
  • Terrorism studies
  • Quantitative terrorism research (terrorism statistics)
  • EU foreign, security, and defense policy
  • EU Maritime Security Strategy and Mediterranean Operations

Dr. Sarah Kirchberger,

Head of the Center for Asia-Pacific Strategy and Security

Dr. Sarah Kirchberger is the Head of the Asia-Pacific Strategy and Security department at the ISPK. She is also a Nonresident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council and the Vice President of the German Maritime Institute (DMI). Previously she served as Assistant Professor of Sinology at Hamburg University and as a naval analyst with shipbuilder TKMS. Her recent research focuses on emerging technologies in the maritime sphere; military-technological co-operation between China, Russia and Ukraine; China’s defence-industrial development; and the strategic importance of the South China Sea for China’s naval and space strategy. Kirchberger holds a PhD and a M.A. in Sinology from the University of Hamburg.
  • Transatlantic cooperation regarding China
  • Maritime security in the Asia-Pacific
  • China’s military development
  • Cross-strait relations and other territorial conflicts in East and Southeast Asia
  • Transnational arms development in Asia
Johannes Peters
Tel: +49 43197999861
Johannes Peters, M.A., is Head of the Center for Maritime Strategy and Security (CMSS) at the ISPK. His research focusses on undersea warfare and the broader undersea domain. As a project manager, he signs responsible for the annual Kiel International Seapower Symposium (KISS), Europe’s dedicated maritime security conference. Prior to joining the ISPK in 2017, Johannes worked for the German Shipowners’ Association (VDR) in Hamburg as a director for security policy.
  • Submarines
  • Maritime security
  • Piracy
Jannis Jost,
Head of the Center for Terrorism and Radicalization Studies
Jannis Jost, M.Litt., is Head of the Terrorism and Radicalization Studies department at the ISPK. His research focuses on the fulfillment of needs and the formation of identity in radicalization processes as well as the recognition of indicators of radicalization in social media.



  • Terrorism studies
  • Radicalization studies
  • Prevention and intervention
  • Decision-making and internal dynamics of terrorist groups