Landau Network-Fondazione Volta

LNFV (Italy)

The Landau Network-Centro Volta (LNCV) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization based in Como, Italy and operating as a global network of international experts supporting global security, disarmament and cooperation. Its programs cover international security and non-proliferation issues, worldwide disarmament of weapons of mass destruction, arms control, scientific and technologic cooperation for global peace support, water and energy security for diplomacy and development. Regional programs address stability in areas such as the Middle East, South Asia and the Korean Peninsula. The LNCV is also the Executive Secretariat of the International Working Group (IWG) and its experts provide, upon request, Track-II diplomacy efforts for the interested stakeholders.

Contact information

Landau Network-Fondazione Volta – LNFV

Via per Cernobbio
22100 Como, Italy

The team

Carola Argiolas
Project Manager
Tel: +39.031.579819
Fax: +39.031.570174
Carola Argiolas is Researcher and Project Manager; she has experience in managing and carrying out projects of international relevance, focused on different areas of the world. In particular, in the recent years, she has managed projects in the field of international security and CBRN issues. She also organizes and manages workshops and conferences of international relevance. She graduated in International Relations at the State University of Milan.
  • Middle East strategic issues
Fanny Consolazio
Event Coordinator
Tel: ++39.031.579820
Fanny Consolazio has a Postgraduate Degree in International Cooperation as well as BA and MA in International Relations from the State University of Milan. She is Event Coordinator and Program Manager at the Fondazione Alessandro Volta, where she manages workshops, conferences, and project events of international relevance. She has also an extensive experience in the administration of international projects.
  • Middle East strategic issues
  • Development cooperation
Maurizio Martellini
Secretary General
Tel: +39.031.579821
Fax: +39.031.570174
Prof. Maurizio Martellini is Director of the Insubria Center on International Security (ICIS), Secretary General of the Landau Network-Fondazione Volta (LNFV), Executive Secretary of the International Working Group (IWG), Professor of Physics at the University of Insubria (Como, Italy), and Member of the Pugwash General Conferences. He is an advisor of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Professor Maurizio Martellini is an expert in non-proliferation and disarmament issues. As ICIS Director and LNFV Secretary General, Prof. Martellini organizes International Conferences, Schools and Workshops and edit publications as well as specific Case Studies. His fields of Research and Analysis are: cyber security of nuclear infrastructures, global scientists engagement, management and disposal of hazmats; scientific and technological aspects concerning international security; CBRN risks mitigation issues; science and engineering diplomacy; and CBRN education and awareness. He is also Team Leader or Expert of different EU CBRN CoE projects.

  • Nuclear non proliferation and disarmament
  • WMD proliferation
  • Global scientists security engagement
  • Regional Track-II efforts