Open Nuclear Network (ONN)

Open Nuclear Network, ONN (Austria)

Open Nuclear Network (ONN) is an independent non-advocacy NGO established in Vienna, Austria. The goal of ONN is to reduce the risk that nuclear weapons are used in response to error, uncertainty or misdirection, particularly in the context of escalating conflict, using innovation, inclusion and dialogue supported by open source data. ONN offers a mechanism for reducing the risk that nuclear weapons are used in the course of conflict escalation: a transparently non-aligned, data-driven, civilian programme committed to building relationships and sharing information across national and alliance boundaries. Ultimately, the aim is to give decision makers access to independently generated and unclassified information, which can be used as a common basis for dialogue and conflict de-escalation, thereby reducing the risk of nuclear weapons use in response to error, uncertainty or misdirection.

During the initial stage of operation, ONN is focusing on the Korean Peninsula. Should ONN’s model prove successful, ONN will expand the scope of its activities to other conflict contexts.

Contact information

Open Nuclear Network
Argentinierstrasse 21/9, 1040 Vienna, Austria

Marion Linger, Administrative Manager


Tel. :+4312263939



The team

Andreas Persbo, Director

+43 1 2263939-10
  • Arms control verification
  • Non-proliferation and disarmament
  • Great-power relations
  • West-Russian dynamics
  • ELN

Rachel Minyoung Lee, Regional Issues Manager, Senior Analyst

+43 1 2263939-20
  • North Korea
  • Open source data collection
  • Collection-to-analysis cycle
  • Economic policy-making
  • Strategic networks
Marcy R. Fowler, Research and Analysis Manager

+43 1 2263939-11
  • Information analysis utilization
  • International security
  • Nuclear non-proliferation
  • Former Soviet Union States
  • IAEA

Marion Linger, Administrative Manager

+43 1 2263939
  • Personnel administration
  • Budget planning
  • Finance
  • National and international project administration
  • Office efficiency maximization
  • “Feel good” staff management

Tianran Xu, Analyst

+43 1 226 39 39 15
  • Open source analysis
  • Military technology
  • Offensive and defensive missile systems
  • North East Asian security
  • Photo mensuration

Jaewoo Shin, Analyst

+43 1 226 39 39 13
  • North East Asia
  • Korean Peninsula
  • Data analysis and visualizations
  • Open source analysis
  • Remote sensing techniques

Sarah J. Laderman, Analyst

+43 1 2263939-16
  • Nuclear energy programmes verification
  • Nuclear escalation
  • Open source analysis
  • Technical analysis of nuclear programmes

Veronika Bedenko, Regional Issues Strategist

+43 1 2263939-14
  • Open source analysis
  • Dual-use technologies
  • Nuclear energy application
  • Nuclear safety and security
  • Nuclear disarmament

Kristiana Nitisa, Engagement and Research Assistant

+43 1 2263939-18
  • Peacebuilding
  • Cross-border research
  • Data-based investigative journalism
  • Communications

Elin Bergner, Research Assistant

+43 1 2263939-19
  • Non-traditional security issues
  • North East Asia
  • Disaster risk reduction
  • North East Asian peace development 

Nikita Degtyarev, Research Consultant
  • Open source research
  • NATO nuclear policy
  • Interactive databases development

Kseniia Pirnavskaia, Research Consultant
  • Nuclear science diplomacy
  • Humanitarian consequences of nucelar testing
  • Communication and social media strategies

Yerim Seo, Research Consultant
  • Consolidation and quality of democracies
  • Social inclusion of migrants
  • Sanctions regime

Valeriia Hesse, Research Consultant


  • International organizations
  • Risk reduction scenario analysis
  • Climate Change