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SIS (Italy)

The School of International Studies (SIS) is the only Graduate School of International Studies in Italy offering advanced courses for students who have completed a three-year undergraduate degree. Established in 2001 by four participating faculties – Economics, Humanities, Law, and Sociology – as well as five departments of the University of Trento, the School of International Studies offers a two-year Master’s programme in European and International Studies and a three-year Doctoral programme in International Studies.
These graduate programmes form a natural continuation of the three-year undergraduate degrees offered by the School’s participating Faculties in the area of European and International Studies. Students, faculty and visiting professors from all over the world participate in the School’s teaching and research activities, which are by nature multidisciplinary. As an advanced institute of interdisciplinary studies, the Graduate School of International Studies of Trento is unparalleled in Italy and, in the few years since its inception, has become a leading reference point in Europe for graduate teaching and research in Economics, Law, and Politics.
Today, the phenomena of globalization and integration are pervasive and relevant. They are often perceived, on the one hand, as being distant, fragmentary and sometimes threatening, and, on the other, as providing opportunities for individual nations or groups of nations. Such ambivalence presents a formidable challenge to the ruling classes and to national public opinion, a challenge that cannot be answered without the kind of integrated responses and interpretive approaches possible only within a multidisciplinary context.  The University of Trento has responded to this challenge by promoting research and professional training in the field of international studies.

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School of International Studies – University of Trento, Italy – SIS

School of International Studies
University of Trento
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The team

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Enrico Fiorentini
Enrico Fiorentini is a consultant at the Directorate General for Political and Security Affairs’ Office for Disarmament, Arms Control and Non-Proliferation of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. In September 2018 he has been awarded a Ph.D. by the School of International Studies at the University of Trento. His dissertation has examined implementation monitoring and review frameworks across multilateral nuclear non-proliferation regimes and mechanisms. As part of his doctoral program, he has been a joint research fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs’ International Security Program and Managing the Atom Project (Harvard University. He holds a BA in European and Transnational Law from the Faculty of Law, an MA in European and International Studies (University of Trento), and an MA in Nonproliferation and Terrorism Studies (Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, California).
  • Nuclear non-proliferation
  • Nuclear security
  • CBRN terrorism
  • Export controls
  • UNSCR 1540
Paolo Foradori
Associate Professor of Political Science
Tel: + 39 0461 281376
Paolo Foradori is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Trento and Associate Fellow of the Project on Managing the Atom at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. From 2009 to 2011, he was Marie Curie Fellow at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies, California. His research focuses on international relations, security studies, arms control and nonproliferation. He also worked with the United Nations in Russia, Kosovo and Afghanistan.
  • Nuclear nonproliferation
  • WMD terrorism
  • Nonproliferation in the Middle East
  • Tactical nuclear weapons
  • NATO deterrence and defence
Paolo Rosa
Professor of Political Science
Tel: +39 0461.283715
Paolo Rosa is Associate professor in Sociology of politics and international relations at the University of Trento. His main research area regards interactions between domestic and foreign policy. He has published articles and studies on EU nonproliferation policy, strategic culture, Italian foreign and security policy, Chinese politics.
  • Nonproliferation
  • Strategic culture
  • EU nonproliferation policy
  • Chinese politics